Substance Abuse

Name of referral Services website Other Services Phone Hours
National Institute for Drug Abuse For Teens Facts and educational games as well as personal stories
Teens Health Great informational articles
Alcoholics Anonymous Support group
Alateen (and Al-Anon) Group support for anyone who is affected by alcohol abuse in a relative or friend
Narcotics Anonynous support group
Nar-Anon Group support for anyone who is affected by a parent’s or friend’s drug abuse
Walden House, Inc. Adolescent Program A long-term (12-18 months) residential treatment program for adolescents age 12-17 with severe behavior or substance abuse problems. Program activities are geared toward enhancing the mental, emotional and physical health of each adolescent. Boys and girls live in separate facilities and receive services separately. All residents participate in long-term individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, health education, vocational counseling, nutritional counseling, stress reduction and special groups on particular needs. Adolescents attend the in-house school. Clients with learning disabilities are taught by certified special education teachers. A non-public school is located on-site for seriously emotionally disturbed students. A 90-day, intensive track program is also offered. (415)554-1100 M-F, 9-5
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Helth Services Administration (SAMHSA) This agency operates the Knowledge Exchange Network which can provide publications and referrals to local and national resources 1-800-726-4727
Solano County Substance Abuse Services Provides a range of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services including detox, outpatient counseling and residential treatment (locations incl Vallejo, Fairfield and Vacaville) 707-784-2220 An awareness group that aims to educate the public about prescription/OTC drugs, medical devices, and numerous other health issues affecting consumers.
LGBTQ+ and Addiction Guide on substance abuse among LGBTQ+ community. Covers addiction, help/prevention, and more resources.
Addiction Center Provides information about drug abuse prevention and connects individuals struggling with addiction to treatment options. 888-989-3187
Addiction Resource Drug & Alcohol Addiction in the LGBTQ Community