Benicia Teen Center Rules

Benicia Teen Center Rules

-Rules and Regulations-

Welcome to the Benicia Teen Center, your “home away from home.” We want you to enjoy your time here, so we’ve got to set some ground rules, so everyone can be safe and have fun at the Center. With that in mind, please read and stick to the following rules:

Here at the Teen Center, we’re all about respect. In addition to having fun, we want to help you build on good relationships. These DOs and DON’Ts will lead the way.


  • Help us make sure that no alcohol, tobacco substances, cannabis, or illegal drugs are sold in or around the Teen Center. 
  • Ensure that no one vapes of any substance in or around the Teen Center. Vaping has recently been recognized as a health danger, particularly for teens. Help us make sure you all stay healthy!


  • Always follow directions given by Teen Center staff. 
  • Be kind and respectful to others at the Center. Verbal harassment and disrespectful behavior towards staff or other teens at the Center doesn’t belong here. If you have an issue with a staff member or another teen, talk it out with another staff member to come to a solution.
  • Keep your paws off my stuff! Respect the personal property of others. If you’d like to use something that doesn’t belong to you, ask!
  • Keep the Teen Center safe. Help us make sure that there is no fighting or reckless behavior at or surrounding the Teen Center.
  • And speaking of keeping the Teen Center safe, guns or other weapons are not allowed on or around the Teen Center. Don’t bring them!
  • Finally, we know you like each other. Some of you REALLY like each other, but we don’t want to see just how much you like each other! Please keep the physical displays of affection (otherwise known as PDAs) to a minimum. Holding hands is fine, but making out, fondling each other, or other sexual conduct is inappropriate for the public and isn’t allowed at the Teen Center. Keep private stuff private!


  • Help us keep the Teen Center looking nice and welcoming for everyone. Always clean up your own messes and toss your trash in appropriate trash and recycling receptacles. 
  • Do what you can to make sure the Center’s reputation is a positive one in the community. If you want to hang, do it here, not outside BTC, in the parking lot outside, or on Church Street.
  • And again, keep your mitts off my stuff! Stealing; vandalizing; adding graffiti; or damaging the Center, surrounding property, or the property of others is not allowed here. 

Benicia Teen Center staff is here to make sure that everyone has a fun, safe place to spend hang in. While we never want to, if these rules aren’t followed, staff may suspend participants from the Teen Center for any period of time deemed fit, including permanent expulsion from the program. Don’t let that happen to you! Follow these rules at all times, and let’s have fun!

Benicia Teen Center Consequences

The Benicia Teen Center (BTC) maintains a safe and positive environment for its participants. We expect all teens to be respectful to staff and their peers at all times and to follow the BTC Rules. In the event that a teen does not follow the Rules, they will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

Consequences for each offense:

  • Level 1: teen must leave for the day
  • Level 2: teen must leave for the day and fulfill 2 hours community service at BTC
  • Level 3: teen must leave immediately and one week ban from teen center, 3 hours community service at BTC
  • Level 4: teen must leave immediately and the consequence is up to the discretion of BTC staff but could lead to a permanent ban from BTC as well as notification of parent/guardian and/or Benicia Police Department. This will depend on type and severity of offense.

Level 1:

  • Roughhousing or reckless behavior
  • Verbal harassment or being disrespectful (to either adult or teen) including pretending to vape or smoke
  • Loitering in front of BTC, adjacent parking lot or on Church Street, even after signing out of BTC

Level 2:

  • Smoking or vaping in BTC or on BTC property. If caught twice for vaping or smoking a permanent ban may be invoked.
  • Fighting or extreme roughhousing
  • Destruction of property including disabling security cameras. Potential payment of damages and parent/guardian notification

Level 3:

  • Possessing or carrying a weapon (possession of a  gun is Level 4)

Level 4:

  • Use of illegal substances, including marijuana and alcohol, on BTC grounds.
  • Selling of illegal substances on BTC property
  • Possessing or carrying a gun

All consequences are up to the discretion of BTC Staff and may be given for infractions not listed above. The Benicia Teen Center staff may suspend participants from the Benicia Teen Center for any period of time deemed fit to ensure that the teen will comply with rules and regulations up to and including permanent expulsion from the program.